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Uttar Pradesh: Another record will be registered in the name of BJP on April 12?


डॉ. एसके सिंह
डॉ. एसके सिंह
Dr. SK Singh is a senior journalist, he has also worked for Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala's newspapers.

Lucknow — For the first time in the Legislative Council along with the Vidhan Sabha, BJP is in the direction of majority. In the previous governments of BJP, Kalyan Singh, Rajnath Singh and Ram Prakash Gupta did not have majority in both the houses.

In the second term of the Yogi government, BJP has full chances of majority in both the houses.

There are 100 MLC seats in the UP Legislative Council.
BJP currently has 33 seats in the Legislative Council.
BJP has been elected unopposed in 9 out of 36 seats.
Voting for 27 MLC seats will be held tomorrow.
Before the assembly elections, 7 MLCs had joined BJP.
Presently 17 of SP, 4 of BSP, 1-1 MLC of Congress, Apna Dal S and Nishad Party.
In 2016, the SP had won 31 out of 36 local body seats.
For the first time since 1990, a government will have a majority in both the houses.
In April-May, 6 seats of nomination quota will also be vacant.
On the recommendation of the government, the Raj Bhavan does the nomination.
On July 6, 13 more seats of the Legislative Council will be vacant.
The 13 seats that will fall vacant on July 6 will be selected by the vote of the MLAs.
Jaiveer Singh has become a BJP MLA from Barauli.
Jai Veer Singh is a member of the Legislative Council till 2024.
One seat is also vacant due to the death of Leader of Opposition Ahmed Hassan.
38 seats of the UP Legislative Council are elected from the members of the Legislative Assembly.
36 seats are elected from the representatives of the local body.
8 seats are selected from teacher’s election quota.
Representatives are elected by registered graduate voters on 8 seats.
On 10 seats, the Governor nominates on the culture of the state government.

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