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Basti Khabar investigation! The news of the incident in Ashpra Jewelers of Basti disappeared from the big newspapers


Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary is a freelance journalist from India. Rajan Chaudhary, who hails from Basti district of Uttar Pradesh’s largest populous state, and writes for various media organizations, mainly compiles news on various issues including youth, employment, women, health, society, environment, technology. Rajan Chaudhary is also the founder of Basti Khabar Private Limited Media Group.

Ashpra Jewelers has been a major advertiser of advertisements worth lakhs of rupees for almost all the big newspapers in the Purvanchal of Uttar Pradesh. In the local big newspapers, there was no news of any complaint about the customer’s negligence in the Ashpra Jewelers Showroom Basti shop.

Basti: Gorakhpur’s famous diamond and gold jewellery merchant “Ashpra Jewellers” brand came to the fore on Saturday, when a customer complained about tampering in jewellery in an open store-showroom in Basti district.

Upon investigation of this serious incident, it comes to know that in the heart of Basti town, a case of corruption comes to the fore in the showroom of a bullion dealer. And the complainant demands the arrest of the bullion businessman by giving a written complaint, but the news of this case does not appear in any major newspapers. After a lot of research, it is revealed that the Ghatauli, in which the name of the gold merchant brand or showroom has come, is the major advertiser of almost all the big newspapers of Purvanchal. Due to which it is a matter of discussion among the common people that any news of public interest can be strangled on the basis of advertisement.

अमर उजाला समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन
अमर उजाला समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन
हिंदुस्तान समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन
हिंदुस्तान समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन
दैनिक जागरण समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन
दैनिक जागरण समाचार पत्र में छपा ऐश्प्रा ज्वैलर्स का विज्ञापन

On Saturday, retired soldier Ganga Yadav had come to buy some of his wife’s jewellery at the stable Ashpra Jewelers showroom in Gandhinagar in the heart of Basti town. During the purchase, Yadav accused of weighing less gold and when the showroom’s responsible started refusing to persuade, Yadav complained about the matter to SDM Sadar. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the distribution and measurement officers also reached the spot.

Retired soldier Ganga Yadav told that he had also got his bill deducted by buying jewellery. But before taking the jewellery, he once checked its electronic weight in the weighing machine. When they were billed for the jewellery purchased, the weights mentioned in the bill and the electronic weight of the jewellery checked were found to be different from the weight of the weighing machine. He complained about this to the responsible present in the Ashpra Jewelers showroom but no one gave a satisfactory answer. On not getting any accountability for the low weight of the jewellery, Yadav immediately complained to the SDM Sadar Pawan Jaiswal about the matter. And within a short time, District Division Officer AK Singh also reached the spot at the Ashpra Jewelers showroom. When the District Division Officer got the jewellery weighed in front of him, the weight of silver was found to be low. Seeing the result of less weight, he sealed the weighing fork.

On this Ghatauli case of jewellery, District Divisional Officer AK Singh says, “On receiving the complaint of Ghatauli on Saturday, the weight of Ashpra Jewelers showroom was inspected, the silver weight was found to be low in the investigation, and the weighing hook was sealed. Is”. He said that preparations are on to send a notice to the owner of the showroom. And the amount of fine will be calculated and invoiced.

According to the news published in the local media news, the people of the bullion business organization of Basti district, while defending the people of Ashpra Jewelers showroom in this scam, said that sometimes wind pressure, electric shocks also occur in the silver business. affect the electronic fork, which does not exceed half a gram in silver and 20 milligram in gold. It is also accepted by distribution companies, and it is subject to Indian bullion rules. It is not considered in the category of any dishonesty, fraud, in such situations sometimes consumers and sometimes traders have to face loss and profit, which can be around 30 rupees at present.

If seen, more than half of the population of our country is rural. And jewellery is a favorite item of women, as well as women are at the forefront of its use. Almost every Indian women, daughters, sisters are fond of jewellery. When a woman from any of our rural areas comes to a bullion dealer to get jewellery, it is not necessary that they have easily got the money for jewellery. In order to bring her daughters and daughters-in-law into the commonality of social customs, she has been seen compelled to buy jewellery, by selling her hard earned money, by selling food produced in the fields or sometimes even by selling immovable properties. In such a situation, even a small amount of weight in any bullion trader has more impact on those mothers, daughters and sisters, in front of whom, in the event of not being able to buy ornaments, they become helpless in order to fulfill the needs of marriage and their property. Have to sell.

According to the news published in The Economic Times on 13 November 2020, experts suggest customers that the country has a tradition of buying gold jewellery around Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras and Diwali. Often we spend hours wondering which local jeweller will find the best design jewellery. But, don’t question the prices. This is absolutely wrong.

You should not blindly trust the prices charged by Jewellers. The reason is that there are many things that affect the final zodiac. These include the price of gold, making charges, value of gems, etc. The making charge is also called ‘Vestage’. This is added to the final cost of jewellery before levying GST at the rate of 3 per cent. Remember that jewellers may include wastage within the making charge or may charge for the same separately.

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