UP's first such digital village where facilities give competition to the city

UPs first such digital village where facilities give competition to the city

Village head Dilip Kumar Tripathi's pledge made the village UP's first GIS digital village equipped with state-of-the-art facilities

UP: Today in the village of Hasuri Ausanpur of Bhanwapur block in Siddharthnagar district, all the facilities of the city are available that we can see in cities. CCTV cameras in the village, Wi-Fi routers, solar lights, public address systems, and sound systems have been installed throughout the village for free internet. In December 2015, Dilip Kumar Tripathi was elected the head of this village. At the time village head Dilip Kumar Tripathi with sole courage took over the responsibility of this village, at that time the village used to have filth, people did not have toilet facilities, which forced the villagers to defecate in the open. The system of primary and junior school built in the village was bad. Due to unemployment, the people of the village were forced to move out of the village.

CCTV cameras installed on the village's electric poles, routers and sound system for free wifi / photo: Rajan Chaudhary

Business earnings in village development

After becoming the head of Dilip Kumar Tripathi, in consultation with the members of the panchayat, started preparing the roadmap for the progress of the village. But in the beginning, the road to the progress of the village was not easy. The government did not have enough budget for this small village of this district, which is located in the Terai region so that anyone's work can be done properly. In such a situation, he decided that he would provide more facilities to this village than the cities. With this determination, Dilip Kumar started spending his personal solar and fisheries business in the development of the village.

Beautiful picturesque view on the walls of the village / Photo: Rajan Chaudhary

The Government of India also processed the works of the village head

When Dilip Kumar started improving the condition of the village with his economic budget, the state government and the Indian government also appreciated his works and gave him awards and honors. Dilip Kumar was also honored with the Nana Ji Deshmukh and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay award by the Government of India on 24 April 2018, in order to do a better job for his village. After this, the state government provided them financial assistance of 17 lakh 46 thousand, so today the most high-tech panchayat building of UP is being constructed in this village.

Open gym for the health benefits of the people of the village (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

A small village in the foothills became such a hi-tech

One Panchayat building is being constructed in the village, one office room with all modern facilities for the officers and employees of Gram Panchayat including air-conditioning system, guest house, modern auditorium, this Panchayat building is still under construction, there is also a huge campus of Panchayat Bhawan, in which an open gym has been established for the health benefits of the people of the village. So that the residents of the village can exercise in an open clean environment using a modern machinery gym system.

Flour grinding machine for the village (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

To provide a double benefit to the villagers, a modern machine for grinding flour has also been installed in the gram panchayat, so that about 1 kg of wheat can be crushed in 20 minutes. The best thing is that anyone can sit and run this machine easily, which will also lead to exercise, and running this machine will also generate about 300 calories of energy in that amount of time.

Agricultural implements used in farming for village farmers (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

Many modern machinery farming equipments have also been provided to the farmers of the village, which the village farmers can use in their fields. Any farmer of the village can take these agricultural machinery for his agricultural work by paying a very small fee prescribed by the Gram Panchayat.

RO plant arrangement for clean water for the villagers to drink (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

Arrow plant has also been installed in the clean water system for the people of this village to drink. The village head told that after the Gram Panchayat is fully constructed, it will be established and all the people of the village will be provided 20 liters of clean drinking water for just Rs. 10. Due to which villagers will get potable pure water and the Gram Panchayat's income will also strengthen the Gram Panchayat for the advance development of the village.

CCTV cameras are now installed on all the electric poles in this Hasuri Ausanpur village with a total population of 1024. Routers have been installed for free WIFI facility to give equal status to the villagers in the era of modernity. Sound systems have also been installed on all-electric poles to bring government schemes, awareness programs, and special information to all the villagers simultaneously.

The first village in the state to use GIS technology

Village head Dilip Kumar says that earlier there were more land-related disputes in this village, due to which mapping of this village (GIS) was done by the Geographical Information System. In which information of land and property including 18 types of information related to the village is made public on the village website by this technology. Dilip Kumar said that this is the first village in the country to use this technology.

Control room set up in the village to operate all the technical facilities of the village (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

For proper water management in the village, a network of underground drains has been laid between the interlocking roads of the entire village. Due to which the flow of water coming out from the houses of the villagers goes to the underground rather than above the surface through underground drains.

The idea to upgrade the village

On asking Dilip Kumar his educational qualification, it was found that the village head is a postgraduate in two subjects Sociology and Medieval History. And used to come to the country and abroad and other provinces of the country for his solar trade. Meanwhile, he got the idea that the facilities of the outside world should be brought to his village.

Beautiful views of independent fighters on the walls of the village (Photo: Rajan Chaudhary)

The purpose of making Rajasthan attractive like Jaipur

Village head Dilip Kumar, like Jaipur in Rajasthan, is making his village beautiful and attractive by painting the walls of all the houses built in the village in pink color and making beautiful pictures on it. New attractive artwork will be seen everywhere in the village. Adorable scenes of old scenes of villages are printed on the walls of almost all the houses of the village. Apart from this, to increase the feeling of religious and patriotism among the people of the village, amazing scenes of many deities and freedom fighters have been shot on the walls.

Rajan Chaudhary

Rajan Chaudhary

Chief Editor Basti Khabar, Owner of Internet Technology Tips Website "The Internet Tips"

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