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Treason case against former governor Aziz Qureshi, action on criticism of UP government


Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary is a freelance journalist from India. Rajan Chaudhary, who hails from Basti district of Uttar Pradesh’s largest populous state, and writes for various media organizations, mainly compiles news on various issues including youth, employment, women, health, society, environment, technology. Rajan Chaudhary is also the founder of Basti Khabar Private Limited Media Group.

Qureshi, who went to Rampur to know about Azam Khan’s health, made some such comments about the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Yogi government of the state, which the government and the BJP did not like.

A case of sedition has been registered against former Governor Aziz Qureshi in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Qureshi had strongly criticized the state government in the past.

Former Governor Aziz Qureshi had visited Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s house in Rampur on 5 September. Where he met Azam Khan’s wife Tazeen Fatima and inquired about the well being of Azam Khan, who had been ill for a long time. During this time, he made some such comments about the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Yogi government of the state, which the government and the BJP did not like.

What did Qureshi say?

It is alleged that in Rampur, Qureshi made a derogatory statement and compared the Yogi Adityanath government of the state to “demons, devils and blood-drinking rascals”.

Supporting Azam Khan, Qureshi termed the entire action against the SP leader as a battle of “man and devil”.

Case on the complaint of BJP leader

After the statement, local BJP leader Akash Saxena lodged a complaint against Qureshi at the Civil Lines police station. Saxena, the regional president of the party’s small industries cell, has said in his tahrir that when Qureshi was giving statements against the government, a large crowd had gathered there. There was a danger of disturbing the peace.

It has been said in the FIR that Qureshi’s statement is creating enmity against the two communities. Due to which an atmosphere of unrest could arise not only in Rampur but in the entire country.

What is FIR

On Saxena’s Tahrir, against the 80-year-old former governor, IPC sections 124-A (sedition), 153-A (promotion of enmity between grounds of religion, race, place of birth, place of residence, language etc. and adverse effect on maintaining harmony) committing acts prejudicial to), 153-B (Imputations, statements prejudicial to national integrity) and 505(1)(b) (spreading or publishing false news which causes disturbance to the general public or offenses in society abetment) has been filed.

Stand on statement

Former governor Qureshi says that he stands by his statement. Talking to news agency Newsclick, he said that “there has never been a more oppression on Muslims in history than the current government.” Qureshi said he stood by his “devil-monster” statement.

Responding to a question on the criticism of the Yogi Adityanath government, Qureshi said that “I have the constitutional right to criticize the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and his party, not only Chief Minister Yogi.”

The former governor said that everyone is watching the anti-Muslim policies of the government. Attacks are being made on the culture, history and livelihood of Muslims.

Deputy Chief Minister’s statement

Now the matter seems to be getting political color. State Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya has said in his statement that action will be taken against those who use “unlimited” language.

The Deputy Chief Minister has said that action is being taken against Azam Khan as per law. The government and the police have put their side before the court. He further said that if anyone has a complaint with the government, then go to the court and keep your point.

There was also a case against the CAA

It is noteworthy that earlier, even after participating in the movement against the Citizenship Amendment Act, a case was filed against Qureshi in the state capital Lucknow. Qureshi along with some of his colleagues took out a candle march in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar area on February 2, 2020. After which a case was registered against him under sections 145 and 188 of IPC at Gomtinagar police station.

word offensive but sedition wrong

Those who keep an eye on society and politics believe that the words of the former governor may be objectionable but they do not come under the category of sedition. Former editor of The Times of India Atul Chandra says that the words used by Qureshi were not appropriate. But this does not mean that a case of sedition should be written against someone on a Tahrir. This is an abuse of the law.

Legal opinion

Law experts also believe that the statement of the former governor does not come under the category of sedition. Advocate Kabir Dixit believes that imposing the sedition law on comments against the government amounts to curtailing the “freedom of speech” given to the citizens in the Constitution. He said that this law is often misused to suppress the voice of dissent against minorities, Dalits and students.

Advocate Manish Singh believes that it is wrong to make a case like sedition on just one statement, while the courts of the country have many times instructed to be careful in the use of this law.

Singh further adds that the police cannot file a charge sheet in this case without taking permission from the “state”. However, if the former governor does not take anticipatory bail or challenge the FIR, he will remain under threat of arrest.

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