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Twitter Denied to blue tick my own account as a journalist: Rajan Chaudhary


Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary is a freelance journalist from India. Rajan Chaudhary, who hails from Basti district of Uttar Pradesh’s largest populous state, and writes for various media organizations, mainly compiles news on various issues including youth, employment, women, health, society, environment, technology. Rajan Chaudhary is also the founder of Basti Khabar Private Limited Media Group.

This is the third time that Twitter @Verified has denied to blue tick the Twitter account of freelance journalist @EditorRajan. On this action of Twitter with Rajan Chaudhary, Rajan says that, Twitter is discriminating against him.

He had read the complete guideline of Twitter while filling the account verification form and applied according to the same, but, after waiting for about 13 days, the reply came in the notification that the account will not be verified, because it does not match the Twitter criteria. eats.

Rajan explains that “Independent journalists like us have to report in the field, many times while reporting we are in such places where people first want to know you as a journalist and then share some information with you. In such a situation, it becomes very important for them to have a verified account with a blue tick, which can at least be helpful in their ground reporting”.

Rajan expressed the hope that this was my last application to Twitter @Verified, now I will never apply in future. Also, a time will come when we will start a big campaign against this discrimination of Twitter.

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